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Client-Centric Lawyering for Crowd-Civic Systems, Crowdsourcing Law and Policy Workshop, CSCW 2017
(co-authored with Ryan Lawson & Yilu Zhang)

Arizona's Revenge Porn Law Isn't a Solution - It's a Different Kind of Problem
VICE News (Sept. 29, 2014)

The Lost and Found Legacy of Barbara Ringer
The Atlantic (July 11, 2014)

Our Best Weapon Against Revenge Porn: Copyright Law?
The Atlantic (Feb. 4, 2014)


Artificial Intelligence (Bias, Ethics + Transparency)

AI and Ethics
GnoviCon 2018, Georgetown Communication, Culture & Technology, April 2018

How Copyright Law (Un)Biases Artificial Intelligence
Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Cardozo Law, September 2017

Exploring the Ethics of AI Powered Product
Artificial Intelligence: Practice & Implications for Journalism, Columbia Tow Center for Digital Journalism, June 2017 (video available)

Slant: Understanding Algorithmic Bias
New America, June 2017

Explainability in Context: The Courts
Algorithms and Explanations, NYU Law, April 2017 (moderator)

Private Law and Public Law Answers to AI: A Discussion of Robotics and Regulation
We Robot, Yale Law, April 2017 (video available)

Fair Use for Fair Artificial Intelligence
Works-in-Progress in Intellectual Property Colloquium, Boston University, February 2017

"Social Networks, Machine Bias, Discrimination"
Internet Law, New York Law School, April 2016 (invited by Ari Waldman)

Nonconsensual Pornography

What We Talk About When We Talk About Revenge Porn
Cyberscholar Working Group at Yale University, September 2014 

Combating Revenge Porn: Explaining the Problem & Discussing the Solutions
American Bar Association Brown Bag Luncheon, August 2014

Challenges in Combatting Revenge Porn
ILI Privacy Research Group, New York University, March 2014

Using Copyright to Combat Revenge Porn
Tri-State Region IP Workshop, NYU Law, January 2014


Copyright, Trademark & Sumptuary Law
Omega Workshop, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, February 2018

Fair Use, Publicity & Privacy
Digital Social Memory, Rhizome at the The New Museum, February 2017 (video available)

Back to the Future: The 1976 Copyright Act and the Internet
Librarian Association of the City University of New York, CUNY Graduate Center, November 2016

Taking On the Takedown Notice: Copyright, Youth and Educators
Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy, NYU Law, October 2013

Whose Words? Publishing & Intellectual Property
Innovate/Activate Intellectual Property Conference, New York Law School, September 2011

Student Perspectives: The Inaugural Public Policy Initiative
Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit-Boston, July 2011

Online Governance, Conflict Modeling + Digital Security

Confronting Bias in Automated Content Moderation: Discursive, Technical, and Political Opportunities for Change
All Things in Moderation, UCLA, December 2017 (with Anna Lauren Hoffman and Karen Levy)

Conflict Modeling
Privacy Law Scholars Conference, Berkeley Law, Berkeley, CA, June 2017

Conflict Modeling
Privacy Research Group, NYU Law, April 2017

Client-Centric Lawyering for Crowd-Civic Clients
Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, Portland, OR, February 2017 (presented by Ryan Lawson and Yilu Zhang)

Digital Security Training
New York University School of Law, December 2016 (with Jason Schultz, Hugh Baran & Yilu Zhang)

"Online Communities"
Surveillance and Privacy, Cornell University, October 2016 (invited by Karen Levy)

Countering Intimate Partner Abuse and Surveillance
Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference, New York Law School, March 2016

Abusive Use of Technology:
Strategies for Client Advocacy and Empowerment in Domestic Violence Cases
Legal Services of New York City, January 2016 (with Genna Teitelbaum)

Crafting Online Harassment and Abuse Reporting Policies
Data & Society, December 2015 (video available)

Conceptualizing Online Harassment and Abuse Reporting Policies
Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference, Santa Clara Law, March 2014 (slides available)

Free Speech

"U.S. Exceptionalism: Hate Speech" 
Advanced Topics in Privacy Law Seminar, NYU Law, April 2016 (Invited by Ira Rubinstein & Kiel Brennan-Marquez)


Wikipedia for Lawyers: Citing, Researching, and Contributing to Wikipedia
WikiCon 2014, May 2014 (slides available)

Wikipedia Workshop: Free Knowledge for a Free Culture
Free Culture Conference, April 2013

Wikipedia “Best Practices” for Lawyers, Clerks and Students
Brooklyn Law School, April 2012

Wikipedia and Legal Education
NYU-Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program, January 2012